Bai Tu Long Bay Explore – Useful Information & Pocket Experience

Bai Tu Long Bay travel experience in general and specific. You will be provided with information about travel time, means of transportation to Con Dao, some spots for visiting, entertaining, cuisine trying, Bai Tu Long Bay specialties…


1. Bai Tu Long Vietnam Explore – Bai Tu Long Bay or Ha Long Bay?

Bai Tu Long Bay takes place in the Northern Bay that situates in the Northeast region of Vietnam. Bai Tu Long Bay comprises a coastal area in Ha Long city, Cam Pha city, and Van Don island district. Besides, it shares the border with Ha Long Bay, beach, land, Cam Pha city and Co To island district in the Southwest, the East, the West, and the Northeast respectively. Bai Tu Long includes hundreds of islands with residents inhabiting in many big islands.

Bai Tu Long Bay Map

bai tu long map

Take a look at Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is also home to long and eloquent sand beaches and crystal clear seawater. This area is less touristy than Ha Long Bay and a place for anyone wants to truly enjoy the beautiful beaches. It is unique because of its historic and cultural sites, precious and rare specialties, and the archipelago’s unspoiled beauty.

The Legend of Bai Tu Long Bay

Once upon a time, the newly born Vietnam was threatened by invaders. The king of heaven ordered Mother Dragon together with Little Dragons to go down to earth with the aim of supporting Vietnam’s war defense. When the ships of invaders entered the shore, the group of dragons vomited unlimited pearls. These treasures immediately turned into thousands of islands in the sea, which created a solid wall to block the movements of the enemy’s ships.

bai tu long view

Don’t miss Bai Tu Long if you are seeking for a place with less tourist to get the peaceful feeling

The ships rushed to the shore and suddenly hit the islands or crashed into each other till all broken. After the invaders withdraw, Mother Dragon and Little Dragons decided to stay at the downland where the battle had just happened. The place where the Mother Dragon stayed is Halong today and the location of Little Dragon is Vietnam Bai Tu Long. The tail of dragons splashing white water is Long Vi (Tra Co Peninsula today) with over 10-kilometer expenses of silver sand.

Bai Tu Long Bay Weather – Best Time To Explore Bai Tu Long Bay 

Bai Tu Long Bay is a specific region with 2 separated seasons: hot moist summer (from April to October) and cold dry winter (from November to March of the following year). Annual average temperature falls into 15 – 25 degrees Celsius. The level of rainfall is estimated to be about 2000 millimeters per year. Bai Tu Long Bay also possesses a tidal system with a level of 3.5 – 4 meters per day.

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The period of summer-autumn (from March to May, August to October) intensively attracts domestic tourists. The period of wintertime draws the attention of foreign visitors. It is highly recommended not to travel to Bai Tu Long Bay in the period from June to July due to stormy time happening in that place.

bai tu long bay weather

Double the weather or just ask local experts for the best time to go Halong Bay, the bad weather can totally make your trip become awful

2. How To Get To Bai Tu Long Bay

From Hanoi, you had better get in the passenger cars of many different brands to catch the ride to Bai Tu Long Bay, Cam Pha city of Quang Ninh Province with ticket price fluctuating from 120.000 VND to 220.000 VND. It may take you about 4 hours and 20 minutes to reach your destination. Below are some suggestions:

  • Dai Phat car: Luong Yen station – Cam Pha station
  • Nghia Anh Limousine: Hanoi station – Cam Pha station
  • Van Don Xanh: Hanoi station – Cam Pha station
  • Xuan Truong (Quang Ninh car): Hanoi – Quang Ninh
  • Duc Phuc: My Dinh station – Cam Pha station
  • Duc Thanh: My Đinh station – Cua Ong station
  • Anh Quy: Hanoi station – Cua Ong station

And some other brands!

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Traveling Within Bai Tu Long Bay

If you travel around the city, it is notified to take the service of some following taxi brands: Taxi 886 – Mong Cai (033. 886 886); Ha Long (033. 62 62 62); Hon Gai (033. 84 84 84); Mai Linh (033. 628 628)…

To visit the bay, you are advised to hire ships right at some ship harbours for tourists like Bai Chay (033. 846 592); Ha Long (033. 847 481); Duong Hai Company (033. 845 042); Ha Long Bay Service Center(033. 844 631); Hai Au Company (033. 824 779).

Besides, some tips show that you will not be stuck into any difficulty booking the ships with the tourism curriculum to visit the Bai Tu Long bay during the day. The price of booking greatly depends on the time and ship type you choose to make use of. Additionally, you had better contact in advance to avoid the bad situation of the expensive price.

It’s better you book an overnight cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay to get more deeply beauties’ discovery. And the recommendation is that you should book a cabin in advance to avoid there is no room available and scams for the price.

To sum up, if you are wondering about an alternative as magical as Halong Bay but quieter and cleaner, choose Bai Tu Long Bay!

3. What To Do in Bai Tu Long?

Traveling to Bai Tu Long Islands, you can visit some spots in the eco-tourism complex only around 60 kilometers from Bai Chay by land road or 1.5 hours by surfing ship through the bay. You are supposed to be amazed by the fanciful beauty of the 2-kilometer expense of white soft sand, deep blue water in an extremely airy, fresh space. This place is regarded to be one of the most sublime beaches in the Northern area of Vietnam.

ha long bay

Immerse yourself in the cool tranquil water of Halong Bay this upcoming holiday

In addition, you can accompany with Bai Tu Long Bay in the interesting journey of returning ancient time through temples, pagodas mainly constructed in Ly emperor’s time to understand more about local people. Drowning into the fresh air with the cool wind bringing the peacefully clear taste of sea may clean all the nerve, worry and stress in your life!

Bai Tu Long National Park presents as a national biosphere reservation zone. It also can be called a diverse and rich biology environment.

When visiting this spot, you may have the chance to view wonderfully pristine beauty of islands such as Ba Mun, Big Tra Ngo, Small Tra Ngo, Sau Nam, Dong Ma, Hon Chinh,.. interposing each other. Limestone mountain ranges closely surround wide valleys, which creates a home to many different types of flora. Standing out is Hang Doi that locates in the Cat Lim area of Tra Ngo island.

bai tu long water

Or visit a castaway island!

Other “must-go” spots include Thong Thien carve, Phat Co Island, Cua Ong temple, Van Hoa harbor, Ban Sen Island famous for the taste of tea brewed for 100 years, Uyen Uong beach with crystal-like water.

If you do have time, it is advised to visit the villages of Tay, Dao Do, San Diu ethnic groups and they are really hospitable. The experienced travelers also explore around Bai Tu Long Island by boats slightly floating to mysterious forests.

4. What To Eat during Bai Tu Long Bay Tour?

Bai Tu Long cuisine has a reputation for the considerable diversity of fresh seafood and unique specialties of Quang Ninh Province in general, Bai Tu Long Bay of Van Don in particular. Namely:

seafood bai tu long

Don’t miss the seafood in Bai Tu Long Bay!

  • Snout Otter Clam: This is a kind of rare and expensive seafood. Snout Otter Clam has a high nutrition value. It is extremely good for people’s health. Luckily, since 2005, Snout Otter Clam has been raised successfully for commercial use. You now can find it easily at almost all food stalls, seafood restaurants
  • Blue King Crab: It will be a great omission for you to travel to Bai Tu Long without trying Blue King Crab with green pepper sauce or steamed Blue King Crab. These seafood are especially favored by many foreign visitors

bai tu long blue crab

The famous and delicious Blue Crab

  • Nodding cake: This cake is made from rice with sweet greasy taste. The process to cook, the outlook as well and Rolling cake are alike somehow.
  • Clam soup with spinach: This is a typical food of Quang Ninh people with special taste of hometown

Some recommendations about restaurants in Bai Tu Long Bay:

  • ATI Bai Tu Long Van Don restaurant
  • Tuyen Tuyet restaurant. Address: Cai Rong, Van Don.
  • Gio Bien 2 restaurant. Address: Dong Son, Zone 8, Van Don.
  • Binh Yen Raft House. Address: Bridge 3 Van Don, Van Don.
  • Kim Lien Seafood restaurant. Address: Zone 9 Van Don wharf, Van Don.
  • Thanh Thuy restaurant – forest and sea specialties. Address: Zone 8, Van Don urban area, Van Don.

5. How To Choose A Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise?

There are many cruises or trips to travel Bai Tu Long Bay that makes tourists confused about how to choose a suitable cruise. Thoroughly understanding the worries of customers, AZ Local Trip would like to provide some tips on how to choose a suitable cruise with a reasonable price and positive reviews and how to get useful information to visit Bai Tu Long Bay.

Many Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay have the same itineraries. Tourists freely choose one of these itineraries: Halong Bay 2 days and 1 night, Halong Bay 3 days 2 nights.

There is something that you should consider before booking your cruise:

Know your basics: You can yourself ask some questions such as How many days do you spend? Do you prefer Halong Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay or both? Do you feel like participating in activities like bike riding and kayaking? Would you prefer to book online or in-person? What’s the price you can afford? Do you want to book tours at a local agency or an international company?

Choose the right cruises for your trip is an important issue

There are so many agencies and companies that provide Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay Cruises. However, below is the list of companies and agencies that we collected based on our personal experience and research:

  • AZ Local Trip: With the prices of about 158 US$, AZ Local Trip proudly offers tourists the highlights of Halong and Bai Tu Long Bay. Participating in the cruises, tourists can visit the hidden places of Halong and Bai Tu Long Bay. In the itinerary, tourists can partake in intriguing activities such as ride biking, cooking class demonstration and homestay services. AZ Local Trip is known as an ideal place for those who want to save their budget.
  • Swan Cruises Halong: Similar to other cruises, Swan Cruises Halong offers cruises with the same itineraries and best mid-range of price. The highlight of this tour agency is the polite behaviors of local tourist guides and the high quality of accommodation.
  • Indochina Junk: Regarded as the company with the best luxury, Indochina Junk’s Dragon Pearl Bai Tu Long cruise has received lots of good reviews from both domestic and foreign customers. Booking a cruise of Indochina Junk, tourists will be overwhelmed by the high-quality spa services, comfortable sundeck offering a beautiful view from the windows. It’s definitely worth your money.

6. Other Tips For Traveling Bai Tu Long Bay

To prepare a meaningful exciting journey without facing up with any health issue, tourists ought to notice some below stuff:

  • Bring hats and sunscreen with you whenever going out for swimming
  • Prepare sufficient personal stuff, especially insect repellents and specific remedies as well to prevent bad situations.
  • Van Don tourist zone owns a spectacular view that truly steals the heart and soul of many foreign tourists. Therefore, you had a better pack a digital camera to capture splendid moments for yourselves

Bai Tu Long Bay is one of the worth-visiting tourist destinations in Halong Bay. Book a cruise and have your own experience with this beautiful bay! If you want further information, please contact AZ Local Trip.