The 24 Hour Food Hanoi? Meet the “never-sleep” Tong Duy Tan street, where you can get all the late night food. Don’t sleep on an empty stomach while in Hanoi!

1. Cafe Shop – Hanoi 24 hour food

Mention about Tong Duy Tan, right away 2 Hanoi coffee shops opening 24/7 will come to every Hanoians’ mind (especially young generation). It is Puku and Xofa.

Both of these have a large space, garden, full of western food and a lot of gouts. Definitely, have to try out when you in Hanoi!

Top in mind:

Puku Café & Sports Bar

  • Address: 16-18 Tong Duy Tan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Price: $5 – $15
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night, Drinks
  • Special option: Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Located in the middle of Tong Duy Tan Street, it’s a quaint little place, definitely for Westerners.

Puku offers a wide range of different cuisines including Italian, Mexican, European, and Vietnamese, served in a cozy atmosphere with great vibes either inside or outside.

Fresh, full of flavor and decent servings!

Fresh, full of flavor and decent servings!

They have such a great menu, especially for anyone are in the need for some Western comforts, with French toast, burgers, simple Italian food, simple Mexican food, and many other hard to find (in Vietnam) items.

It would be great visiting Puku if you are coming back from a bar and want to grab a bite or if you need to work all night on a paper. And sometimes, just for chilling out!

Not just for the food, the vibe here can give you the comfort too. The set up inside and outside is just nice.

The spacious courtyard gives you a great opportunity of ‘people-watching’ far away from the traffic noise and fume while relaxing with a cold beer or a glass of wine.

Upstairs at Puku is a fantastic venue for parties, meetings, coffee mornings

Upstairs at Puku is a fantastic venue for parties, meetings, coffee mornings

Also known as one of the best 24/24h sports bars in the city, Puku is always crowded in AFL seasons.

There is always a game on at Puku, so if you have a desire to watch your local team playing back home, you can try watching at Puku.

A dish of famous roasted chicken with fried rice can satisfy any hunger!

Awesome set up of couches, tables and chairs in front of the big screen are waiting for any football lover!

A little drawback is that their prices are a little more than your standard meal in Vietnam but it’s worth! After 22 hours, Puku has its own menu, the price will increase a bit compared to normal.

However, the simple drink menu is quite soft and you can visit Puku any time of the day or night when you’re craving a feed as they are open 24/7!

Xofa Cafe & Bistro

  • Address: 14 Tong Duy Tan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Price: $2 – $15
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night, Drinks
  • Special option: Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Also home of Hanoi’s urban youth which is open 24/7, Xofa offers nice places to sit back, relax, and even have a little sleep in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter.

Nice place and good food. And even the music is blissfully perfect!

The charm of this French architectural beauty makes it special!

Xofa, means ‘sofa’, give you the comfort with so many seating options for every possible need.

You can sit anywhere on a comfortable desk chair or a squishy couch inside this two-story French architecture. It provides free WiFi, gathering spaces where you can connect with friends, and quiet spaces where you may work.

The rustic patio and airy courtyard bring you the mood of autumn evenings. And different to Puku, Xofa is not the spot for football-watchers. Therefore, if you seeking for some peacefulness at night, this is the place!

Choose a nice spot to fiddle around with your laptop and get some works done in

Choose a nice spot to fiddle around with your laptop and get some works done in 

The menu has a vast selection of food and drinks that are reasonable compared with other Hanoi cafe in the same vein. Here you can get food, coffee, tea or alcohol. A typical Western breakfast with scrambled eggs, a version of hash browns, bacon and a cup of coffee sound great!

And as locals said, Xofa knows how to make good coffee! If you are searching for a decent coffee so don’t miss this place!

It was like a retreat from the whole day of activity, pretty chilled out, and a place to spend the whole evening without boring.

Xofa and its neighbor Puku are both open 24/7 so you can go at all hours of the night to finish up work or keep the party going on!

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Aroi Dessert Cafe

  • Address: 9 Tong Duy Tan, P. Hang Bong, Quan Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
  • Price: 20.000 – 100.000 VND

AROI Dessert Cafe – Cafe-9-Tong-Duy-TAroi Dessert Cafe, a well-known network of Thai cafes and snack shops, is the top “candidate” for the top spot among Hanoi’s 24-hour coffee shops. After operating for almost ten years, Aroi Dessert Cafe has grown from a modest cafe near Hang Dau booth to a popular tourist attraction. In addition to having a large and lovely space, the drinks are of exceptionally good quality.

aroi dessert cafe - cafe-9-tong-duy-tan

Some of the best-selling drinks at Aroi Dessert Cafe must be mentioned such as unique peach tea, delicious Thai milk tea. Besides, Aroi also serves a variety of attractive cakes, meticulously decorated that will surely attract customers at first sight.

2. Cuisine – 24-hour food Hanoi

There are many restaurants that we want to share with you to have a great 24-hour food Hanoi experiences.

Tong Duy Tan has many restaurants, but the most crowded time is from late afternoon to late night. Some even call this place is a heaven for Hanoi’s nightlife!

Pho Duong Tau ( Various Beef Noodles)

  • Address: 3 Tran Phu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 6:30 – 21:30

The smell of water in the street corner makes it easy to identify this noodle eatery, which is situated at the beginning of Tong Duy Tan junction with Tran Phu Street.

This Pho restaurant is well-known for a long time, specializing in beef noodle with all kinds of beef including cooked, rare and more.

Start your day with a bowl of Pho Duong Dau!

Not only the “old pho” but also the old Hanoi image can be found here. The noodle is not too much, perfectly soft and chewy, the beef is not dried, sweet and well-cooked.

If you wish for a “fancier” meal, ask for a hot poached egg. And don’t forget to add some drops of hot chili sauce and fresh lemon to enjoy.

A bowl costs around 45.000 VND. Compared to other Pho, this one is a little pricier but with this quality, it is considered reasonable.

We are pretty sure that you will have a great 24-hour food Hanoi experience here!

While you are in Hanoi, don’t miss out other delicious dishes such as

Roasted chicken with fried rice

  • Address: 7 Tong Duy Tan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 16:00 – 04:00 next day

One of the most famous dishes in Tong Duy Tan is the fried rice and roasted chicken. The prices ranging from 80,000 to 120,000 VND depending on the size of the dish.

This restaurant is located near the intersection between Tong Duy Tan and Cam Chi lane. There are some similar restaurants nearby but find the one near the intersection for the best taste!

A dish of famous roasted chicken with fried rice can satisfy any hunger!

A dish of famous roasted chicken with fried rice can satisfy any hunger!

Here is a dish of fried rice with roasted chicken, can be served with pickles and a bowl of hot broth.

The rice is tasty and fragrant without being cooked with eggs as in some other locations, and the chicken is tender and flavorful. The price of each dish is at 80.000 VND.

But the place is famous for a reason and that reason will give you a wonderful 24-hour food Hanoi experience for sure!

Stewed chicken with herbs

  • Address: 29 Tong Duy Tan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 9:00 – 00:00

Talk about Tong Duy Tan cuisine, it is impossible not to mention the Cay Si restaurant with their signature dish – Stewed chicken with herbs and can be served with noodles.

There are no ordinary noodles. These guy team up with stewed chicken and Chinese herbs.

This dish was inherited from Chinese people who used to live in the Old Quarter. And for many years, this is one of the famous specialty of Hanoi.

You can eat stewed chicken with noodles, beef noodle and fried rice. The prices ranging from 65.000 VND to 100.000 VND.

The fact is that not everyone will be in love with this dish as not everyone like herbs. But you will never know if you don’t try, right?

3. Hanoi night trip itinerary guide

Visit Circle K at Hoan Kiem Lake at 11:00 a.m.

Circle K is a 24-hour mini-market brand in Hanoi, so stop by here if you want to stock up on food and beverages for your Hanoi nighttime itinerary. In order to satisfy your hunger, they also market night food or visit some cafes, restaurants are listed above

12h30 – Visit Long Bien wholesale fruit market

Long Bien wholesale fruit market is a sleepless market in Hanoi, and was once ranked by Gobackpacking magazine as the most interesting market in Southeast Asia. When the capital is asleep, it is the time when people here do the most business, because traders from other places flock to buy/sell. Here, you can choose to buy fresh and delicious vegetables at extremely low prices, or simply “hunt for photos” to capture the true rhythm of life of Hanoi’s migrant workers.

ta hien beer street

1:30 – Go to Ta Hien beer street

When it comes to the streets that don’t sleep in Hanoi, Ta Hien is always in the top 1. Ta Hien is happy not because of the luxury of the old street but because young people like the rhythm of life here. Sitting and sipping some beer, chatting with friends is definitely something everyone wants to try in the Hanoi night trip schedule.

Long Bien Bridge

Visit Long Bien Bridge at 2:30 to take in the wind: The Long Bien bridge is unavoidably mentioned when discussing the best locations in the Hanoi night excursion itinerary. Long Bien Bridge turns deep and curiously warm at night. The sensation is so different, like how Hanoi isn’t always as busy and stuffy as people say it is. There’s a dim light reflected on the iron bridges, and there’s occasionally the tinkling sound of those iron bars. There’s also a cool breeze and the moon.

Go to Ho Guom Walking Street at 3:00: The Hanoi pedestrian street around Hoan Kiem Lake is the best example of this because it shows how few people are present when night comes and only the scenery is left. The scenery of Sword Lake can occasionally make your pulse slightly flutter as you stroll along the lake’s edge. It might always feel silent, but it might also feel calming and rejuvenating.

Pho Viet Nam

4:30 – Going to eat Pho Hanoi: After traveling for a few rounds, tired enough, go back to Hang Ma street to enjoy a bowl of pho in the morning. Pho burden is famous for being delicious, and it’s only sold in the early morning, from 3am to 5am, it’s sold out.

5:00: Welcoming dawn at West Lake:

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

6:30: Watch the flag raising ceremony at Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum: In the evening, watch the flag lowering ceremony, and if you don’t have time, come here early in the morning to see the flag raising ceremony of Uncle Ho’s mausoleum – one of the rituals that the people of the capital are very passionate about. proud. The people of Hanoi, who have the opportunity to pass through Ba Dinh square, in front of Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum in the early morning or evening, at the right time when the flag raising and lowering ceremonies are performed, they also solemnly follow the flag saluting and singing rituals. National anthem with pride and sacred feeling.

7:00 – Return to the hotel: End of an exciting overnight trip to Hanoi.

The midnight food, cafe or itinerary search is now over. I hope this makes it easier for you to decide between your choices, whether it’s before midnight or after. Keep in mind that there are still options available in Hanoi no matter when you venture outside to locate food.